Gilda Baron International Textile Artist 2017

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2017 Barbican Exhibition
The Art of Embroidered Flowers
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Gilda Baron International Textile Artist

2nd August - 11th September 2016
Etz Chayim Gallery

Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue

18-24 Oaklands Gate HA6 3AA

Nearest Tube station Northwood



For private viewing during normal office hours, please contact the synagogue

office on 01923 822 592 (not open Saturdays)



Pretty in pink

Red on the rocks

                                Tel.+44(0)207 638 4141  X 2249fax +44(0)207 638 Free Entry     Disabled access Exhibition will be open during normal library hours.Monday & Wednesday  -  9.30 –5.30Tuesday & Thursday 9.30—7.30Friday 9.30—2.00Saturday—9.30  -1.00 Contact Gilda · 44 (0) 208 907 3950·· 
Barbican Poster  2014

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